Thinking of buying a home? Ready to start looking? Before you do so, let's take care of one of the most critical steps in the process: PRE-APPROVAL! Why is this important? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here are just a few benefits of getting pre-approved before home shopping:

- It makes you a more credible buyer in the eyes of sellers

- It sets your offer above other offers that are not pre-approved

- Pre-approval alone could be the determining factor for your offer being accepted over other offers

- It gives you peace of mind know that you can shop for your home and be confident that you will have the funds to purchase

- It gives both you and your realtor shopping parameters to know what you can afford to ensure that you stay within your budget

To get started simply visit the link below and click "Get Started" to begin your application OR call Mark Davison at: 757-286-1040 and tell him Tristian referred you. IT'S FREE!

Let's get you approved for your Happy Home!!!